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Our benefit plans support small to large companies and save your employees on important healthcare.

Americare One is an economical approach which exceeds our memberís expectations in quality of service and affordability.

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Business Advantage

Americare One was founded on a principle to provide its members with the upmost quality and care. We believe by providing an economical approach in todayís financial conditions we will exceed our memberís expectations in the quality of service they receive along with affordability that is desperately demanded.

By electing to become a Member you will entitle yourself and or family to substantial savings on your healthcare needs. With no paperwork, or restrictions once your application is processed youíre Member ID Cards are shipped out and in your hands within 5-7 days and available for immediate use. Our healthcare network of over 285,000 Medical provider/professionals ensures you that within our large backbone you will find convenient locations and certified professionals that can provide you with the Medical attention you require.

Benefits included:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this insurance?

This is NOT insurance. This is a discount benefits program. Americare One is part of a national network of healthcare providers. As an active member you will be able to visit any provider within the network. Once at your provider simply show youíre Discount Health Benefits Member ID Card and you will be entitled to our pre-negotiated rates on the type of service/procedure you require.

I received a card in the mail, how soon can I use my card to start saving money?

Your card is available for use immediately.

Do I need to present my card each time I buy a prescription?

Yes, present your card every time you buy a prescription not covered by your insurance or Medicare Part D.

When are the discounts applied?

Discounts are given at the time of purchase. Pay the entire cost of the drug, once discount is applied. There is no need to submit receipts.

How can I found out if my prescription will be covered in the Health Plan?

The Drug Pricing Tool will provide prescription pricing and our Pharmacy Locator will find a pharmacy near you.